One-to-One Hovercraft Thrill

Learn to pilot a real hovercraft with this rip-roaring Leicestershire based experience, an aquatic sensation unlike any other. Begin with a safety briefing before hopping into a hovercraft with a […]



Spearfishing for Two with Tony Eynon

Perfect for a pair of aquatic adventurers, this exciting full day adventure uncovers the incredible art of spearfishing under the wing of seasoned world record holder Tony Eynon. Start with […]



Thames Luxury Sunseeker Cruise

This rip-roaring James Bond themed Thames River cruise offers the opportunity to relive the iconic speedboat scene from the hit film ‘The World is Not Enough’. In addition to being […]



One Hour Hovercraft Blast

Experience a rush like no other with this thrilling blast of hovercrafting action in Leicestershire. Begin with a safety briefing, introduction and a hovercraft driving demonstration, before settling into the […]



70% off Jet Viper Powerboating Experience

Experience the ultimate in aquatic adventures with this adrenaline-fuelled Jet Viper powerboating session. The 450HP Jet Viper is a nimble vessel with rapid pace and incredible manoeuvrability, making it perfect […]



70% off Jet Viper Powerboating Experience for Two

Enjoy a wild aquatic ride with this seafaring Jet Viper powerboating experience in Southampton. Boasting outstanding manoeuvrability and rapid pace, the 400HP Jet Viper is perfect for performing high-speed spins, […]



Wakeboarding for Two

Get the heart pumping and prepare to be soaked with this exhilarating wakeboarding experience for two. Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the UK and this […]



Flyboarding in Lincolnshire

Experience an aquatic thrill with a difference with Flyboarding in Lincolnshire. Using water jet technology, the Flyboard allows the user to strap into the board attached to a jet ski […]



50% off a Jet Viper Trip

Experience the thrill and excitement of a ride on a 450 HP Jet Viper – an amazing craft that can perform manoeuvres that are impossible in any other powerboat. After […]



32% off Ultimate Offshore Powerboat Day

Drive three incredible powerboats on this high-octane powerboating experience! Take control of the fast, agile Thunderbolt inflatable catamaran, the exhilarating Honda Racing Powerboat and the phenomenal 450HP Jet Viper – […]



Zapcat in Pembrokeshire

The zapcat is a nimble vessel with lightweight inflatable catamaran hulls and a powerful racing engine attached, meaning it can pick up some serious speed! After a safety briefing, jump […]



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