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Chilli Tour and Tasting for Two


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A great food & drink experience!

If you like it hot then test the resilience of your taste buds with this exciting Chilli Tour and Tasting Experience. Choose a friend to take with you if you think they can handle it and enjoy an informative tour followed by a tasting session of some of their hottest chillies – if you’re brave enough. Your tour will take you around ‘Bedfordshire’s Hottest Kept Secret’ an award-winning family-run chilli farm based in Cherwood Nursery. They grow over 90 varieties of chilli including some of the hottest in the world and make their own range of gourmet sauces that you may even have the pleasure to try. Our favourite part of this experience was getting to pick from the plants our very own selection of fresh chilli peppers to take home as a delicious souvenir to use in our own dishes. Be inspired by the farm shop and café which sell plenty of unique and mouth-watering chilli-based produce. You will leave with a sizzling tongue and a new appreciation for these fiery peppers.


When you arrive at the nursery you will begin your tour escorted by a guide with expert knowledge of more than 90 varieties of chillies grown. You'll discover their different heat levels and learn tips for cooking with the red hot peppers. You'll saste some of the sauces which are created in the commercial kitchens  as well as the fresh chillies before picking some of your favourites to take home.


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