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Discover Bedfordshire’s ‘hottest kept secret’ at the Edible Ornamentals chilli nursery. Here you can excite your senses with a Cooking With Chillies Made Simple cookery lesson. Over the 90 minute course you will learn all about the different flavours of chillies plus discover the secret ways to tell if a chilli will be hot or not. If available you will begin by picking the chillies you will use to cook with. The course is run during English chilli picking season so you can ensure the freshest chillies are used. Once you have picked your chillies you will enjoy a tasting session and learn about each one. Your hands-on cookery course will include some exciting dishes plus you may make pickled chillies and salsas to take home and enjoy.


When you arrive at the chilli nursery in Bedfordshire you will pick your own chillies if enough are available  and take part in an optional tasting session before getting stuck in with the cooking. The dishes you will cook depend on the chillies that are available but it may include things like salsas and jalapeno poppers. With your hands on experience you will easily be able to replicate these dishes at home. Before you leave there will be even more tasting as you try some chilli sauces.


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