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Experience days are proving to be fantastic gifts and are fast becoming the chosen way of marking someone’s special day; be it a birthday or an anniversary, for people young and old. Everyone has something they like doing, so why not give them a gift that matches that? Looking beyond material goods, people value experiences. These can be anything from driving at Silverstone, to getting a spa treatment to share with a loved one. You can have flying experience days, driving days out, short breaks with your partner or even something as simple as a facial or massage.

For guys – how does giving a lifelong supporter of any football club, a chance to have a guided tour of the home ground sound? It sounds like a great experience; and that’s what you will find here at Great Experience.co.uk.

We have scoured the web for the biggest selection of experience days, so you don’t have to look anywhere else. From exclusive short stays at Necker Island alongside mega celebrities and Sir Richard Branson, to a quick relaxing spa break local to you – you can find absolutely everything right here at Great Experience.

Experience days have been around for a long time and will be around for a long time to come too with more and more merchants in the high street offering them. Many people are choosing to treat people to great experiences and plan great days out, as an alternative to buying someone a physical present. Traditionally people were of the opinion that a day out will last just for a while and that a physical present is the best option, however this is fast changing. 

Many people now are latching onto experience days and the market has exploded significantly since it first came round. Lots of places are offering experience day gifts as a way of increasing business. After all, it is fascinating to have a helicopter ride along the Thames, or to have tea in a steam train with beautiful countryside as a backdrop to a great evening.

Experience days also now include lots of different driving days; from driving a supercar along a race track to go-karting and 4×4’s on a dirt road or in the countryside.

The main categories for experience days are gifts that are suitable for couples, general days out, driving days, flying experience days, more extreme or outdoor based events, water based events which could include sailing lessons, swimming, fishing, and other water based events and gifts. There are also short breaks, which can be enjoyed by couples or other friends and family members.

There are also events for kids, and events for groups on our site. The reason we have these groups are for people who specifically want to do things together with friends, so it becomes a gift for multiple people – and the kids section is for events that our merchants (suppliers) insist are ideal for kids. Remember, these categories are as described by the people actually selling the events – and so are not always going to be the be all and end all in terms of making your decision.

For example, you may find an excellent day out if you are interested in driving days out, for a group of friends even if it is not listed under ‘group’ activities. Similarly, there are lots of events suitable for kids in the other sections – just have a look!

The days out can be great for couples as well as friends and family, and so once again just take a look in the different categories as not everyone has the same taste or ideas about particular experience days.

Above all, enjoy your stay on our site and make sure you keep checking back for the latest experience days. We don’t take any payments on our site as we don’t actually sell the experience days. We search all suppliers and have created the largest selection of experience days available in the UK.

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