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Kalmora spa is situated in the heart of the Kent countryside which is the perfect setting for the two of you to drift away in true bliss. Kalmora Spa specialises in floatation therapy and you will have the pleasure of experiencing it with this Floatation Therapy Session for two. Your relaxing boutique spa experience will begin with a session in a healing mineral floatation pool fantastic to help relieve dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis; the pool will also promote your well-being and hydration. You’ll float weightlessly in an open floatation pool where the Dead Sea’s salts are used to produce a high density allowing you to float naturally without any conscious effort. This is a soothing and balancing treatment for you both that will offer you wonderful health and therapeutic benefits.


After being greeted by the friendly staff you will receive a tour and introduction to the facilities included in your package and a full consultation prior to your experience. Your 45 minute hydro-floatation session's will then commence aiding you in restful sleep alleviating skin conditions and promoting the well being of your minds.


Kent - Goudhurst;

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