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Orca (White Water Rafting) Adventure In Bala, Wales


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A cross between Whitewater Rafting and Canoeing!

This Orca (white water rafting) experience offers the ultimate thrill for people who are looking for a cross between whitewater rafting and canoeing, so prepare yourself for an adrenaline fuelled ride! Imagine you’re white water rafting, except the boat is made for two people and not for seven, like rafting. You will familiarise yourself with the steep and rocky course in our fourteen foot inflatable Orca raft, with an experienced guide steering the boat. Once you become a more confident paddler, you will receive further expert advice and teaching such as how to read the water and control the Orca boat yourself before preparing to brave the rapids on your own as you face some new and exciting challenges on the Orca Adventure.


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