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Vinopolis Essential Wine Tasting for One


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The Essential Wine Tasting for One is a must-do for anyone with an interest in wine. This attraction is unique to London and allows you to sample from a vast range of over 100 wines. Learn all about the different regions how the climate affects the taste and the production of wine all the way through from grape to glass. Before you begin the tasting you will take part in a ‘How to Taste Wine’ session. This will teach you the correct techniques to sniff swirl and slurp like the professionals in order to fully appreciate the wine. During your experience you will receive seven drinks tokens to exchange for samples. Each sample is worth between one and four tokens depending on its quality and rarity. There are even sprits and Champagnes that you can choose to taste. The Vinopolis Essential Wine Tasting experience is an ideal way to gain a greater insight into wine. The interactive Discovery Zone makes this an exciting way to learn and if you really get stuck in you can always purchase more drinks tokens on the day.


When you arrive at the Vinopolis you will first of all undergo a ‘How to Taste Wine' session lasting 15-minutes. This will teach you the 'sniff swirl and slurp'' technique. Then you will embark on your journey of wine discovery. Enjoy the interactive educational zones that you will venture through and taste samples from over 100 different wines. You will receive seven drinks tokens to use during your experience. Samples range from one to four tokens and there will be spirits and Champagnes to discover as well as fantastic wines.


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