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Wake board or Water Ski…You Choose


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Wake board or water ski...the choice is yours!

<div>This is an easy and ideal way of getting out on the water and trying a new sport or just enjoying one you already love.Â<b>You can choose to either water ski or wake board:<div><ul><li><span style="color: rgb(153, 51, 0); font-size: 14px;">Wake boarding has taken the world by storm; it has rapidly become one of the fastest growing water sports and is a thrilling experience that should most definitely be tried.</li><li><span style="color: rgb(153, 51, 0); font-size: 14px;">Water-skiing is a fast action water sport and is the ultimate adrenalin rush, a chance to try this sport shouldn’t be passed up.</li></ul><div>You will receive an on-shore lesson followed by four tows on the water with continuous instruction throughout the activity.


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