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White Water Kayaking In Llangollen, Wales


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White Water Kayaking is the fast track to moving on water!

If you have ever fancied white water kayaking running the rapids on the River Dee, then this is the course for you. You will learn a lot as you experience the thrill of kayaking and if you are not superhuman your muscles will be aching for most of the following week! (A great sport for keeping fit!) We will start off by teaching you the basic skills and working on balance control.ÂThen it’s on to the power of the river, where you will learn how to transfer your new and existing skills to allow you to enter and exit out of the flow (known as breaking in and out), move the boat across the flow (otherwise known as ferry gliding) and much more! This is a great introduction to white water paddling and we promise you will want to do more!


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